My Favourite Thing of 2017

"I guess I just like liking things."

- Abed, Community

I wanted to share my favourite entertainment thing of 2017 with all y'all: a 1 minute and 24 second fragment of the How Did This Get Made podcast where the hosts listen to and love a fan-submitted song for their show.


- "How Did This Get Made" is a podcast starring the very funny Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and personal favourite Jason Mantzoukas (who enters every live show like a wrestling villain and lovingly greets his booing fans with a "what's up, jerks!")

- The podcast looks at bewilderingly bizarre / awful movies and has the hosts dissect them

- Every episode has a section called "Second Opinions", where Paul reads out 5 star reviews of the movies from

- Fans can share their own "Second Opinions" opening music themes, which are played on each episode

Reasons for this being my number one entertainment thing of the year (beating out Get Out, Call Me By Your Name, Rick and Morty, Master of None, Review with Forrest MacNeil, Dear White People, Masseduction by St. Vincent, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Good Place, Thor: Ragnarok, Logan, The Disaster Artist, The Big Sick, The Last Jedi, Lady Bird, American Dream by LCD Soundsystem, Melodrama by Lorde, DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar, Drunk by Thundercat, Episode 2 of S-Town, and Episode 500 of Comedy Bang Bang):

- Some things are so perfectly appropriate for their context that it makes you think "oh, obviously that had to be created, how could it not?" and so HDTGM fan Jake Moore made the perfect theme song, a hilarious and beautifully sung parody of "I Second that Emotion" called "I Second That Opinion"

- You hear the hosts (especially Jason) loving every second of it. A chuckle of appreciation can be heard in the opening seconds as one of them realizes that it’s a parody of the Smokey Robinson song (which, let’s face it, is the best Motown song period)

- The ending is a cacophony of bliss and praise

I love it so much because it is refreshingly antithetical to some of my least favourite things of the year, namely all the bullying, abuse, bigotry, entitlement, and across-the-board glib/smug condescension found in every corner of the Internet. Instead of people trying to one-up and put down one another, here we have a moment from a show where the hosts (people that, by my count, haven't been exposed to be anything other than decent people in addition to being funny entertainers) are showing their love for something that a fan of theirs made. It's a cycle of silly joyful people appreciating one another's work.

(Fittingly, this "Second Opinions" section of the podcast is devoted to taking a break from making fun of something to focus on appreciation. Albeit, the section is often devoted to making fun of the appreciators, and the irony is not lost on me.)

It's so much fun to like things and to create things. This dumb, silly, perfect little podcast fragment is a celebration of liking and creating, two things the world needs a lot more of in 2018. That's what's up, jerks.