26 minutes until I board

“Something something something maybe something important you can pick it up in Denver.”

Well, now it’s 24 minutes until I board.

34 minutes, really. I’m actively trying to be better at time management.

My rich uncle has this saying: “if you’re 5 minutes early, you’re ten minutes late.”

Which is a roundabout way of saying “be 15 minutes early.”

So here I am, typing some words, hoping I create some magic from myself to you.

15 minutes now.

I spent the last 19 minutes concocting an instagram post about narcissism and self-love, but if I had to be real I would say I was using those two as entry points for me to sound thoughtful but in the end my mission is to get a few yuks from you.

Though, to my credit, I want the yuks that I elicit to be more on the thoughtful side.

I don’t want to make you laugh because I’m putting down something. I want to make you laugh because I want us all to take a look at the world around us and say “holy shit, we’re all living in this insane thing, it’s terrifying so let’s laugh instead.”

Now I’m thinking of a cool ex-girlfriend of mine who would laugh at this kind of absurdity with me.

I digress.

12 minutes, and my phone’s at 50%. It’s a short flight, but I’d prefer it if my phone were at a kickass 65.

11 minutes.